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Who we are

Over 40 years of history in the production of threaded rods

Founded in 1967 by the will of Mr Alessandro Canali, the company began its activity in an artisanal way. It was a small laboratory equipped with simple machinery.

The initial standard production of threaded rods then evolved over the years, transforming the initial artisan company into one of the most important European production companies in the field of rolling.

The company’s constant investment in latest-generation machinery has allowed Canali s.r.l. to design and manufacture items capable of satisfying even the most sophisticated needs.

Within the current production of Canali s.r.l., there are anchor bolts, tie rods, U-bolts, threaded rods and every item from drawings: all elements made of various materials and subjected to specific surface treatments.

Canali s.r.l. produces high-quality products, only using the best metal alloys available on the market for their construction.

For processing that include cold electrolytic galvanizing, Canali s.r.l. has been able to rely on its own internal plant since 1975, located at the headquarters in Civate (LC).

Canali srl

Our history

Alessandro Canali founded the company Canali s.r.l. and began his activity in an artisanal way in a small laboratory, using little machinery.

Canali s.r.l. expanded and moved to its current location in via Mazzini, 83 in Pusiano (CO).

It is here that production of threaded rods takes hold, thanks to the help of new machinery. Production expands with the inclusion in the catalogue of items of various diameters.

The new internal plant is born in Civate (LC), entirely dedicated to electrolytic galvanizing. From this moment on, this surface treatment is handled internally by Canali s.r.l.: all phases of product realisation are subjected to careful care and dedication to quality.

The company changes its legal entity to become a limited liability company.

The use of high-strength materials, reclaimed as Class 8.8 and Class 10.9 and A4-80 stainless steel alloys is introduced. This makes it possible to produce items with higher tensile strength.

The company obtains the first EN 1090-1:2009 certification

Canali s.r.l. participates for the first time in Fastener Fair Stuttgart – an international trade fair for suppliers of screws, nuts and bolts, and fastening systems.

This is a great achievement for the company: for the first time, it interfaces with the foreign market, thus opening up to new businesses throughout Europe.

The growth of Canali s.r.l. continues with the inclusion of the third generation in the company. The company is currently dedicated to the development of the production range, maintaining attention to detail and quality – the same that has distinguished it for years in Italy and abroad.

High quality

The attention to the quality of our production processes is the main tool for the satisfaction of our customers.

Competitive prices

Quotations and estimates are made in order to guarantee maximum satisfaction at the right price.

Technology and certifications

We have obtained ISO 9001:2015 Certification and EN 1090-1:2009 Certification (CE mark).

Highly specialised personnel

Canali s.r.l. has always made use of highly specialised personnel, focusing on continuous training.

Certified and controlled products for the highest quality

The company has always relied on expert and highly qualified personnel. As proof of this, Canali s.r.l. has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and EN 1090-1: 2009 Certifications (CE marking), demonstrating the guaranteed quality standards.

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Canali s.r.l. offers maximum customisation and ensures excellent results thanks to the use of the best alloys on the market.

Tie rods

Tie rods are fundamental elements in the construction of any type of structure 


U-bolts are U-shaped elements used as anchors for pipes.

Components from drawings

From Canali s.r.l., it is possible to produce components from drawings according to customer specifications

Nuts and bolts

Canali s.r.l. fornisce anche particolari di bulloneria: dadi, rondelle, manicotti di congiunzione, viti a testa esagonale etc

Threaded rods

Production of threaded rods is done internally: from MA 3 to MA 100, including lengths of 1, 2 and 3 metres