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Tie rods

The tie rods are fundamental elements for the construction of any type of structure. Therefore, precisely because of their functions, they must be of quality and created starting from excellent raw materials.

For decades, Canali s.r.l. has produced these items and knows all of the details related to their realisation.

Tie rods suitable for the most varied needs

The tie rods produced by Canali s.r.l. are created to meet the most varied needs. They are produced in all types of materials, from the smallest diameters (3/8 and MA3) up to the very large ones (7” or MA180).

Furthermore, the production also includes tie rods made from drawings, with full or partial threads.

Canali s.r.l. can make fully threaded tie rods, threaded on only one side or threaded on both sides.

Foundation tie rods

Foundation tie rods are structural elements that must be particularly resistant to tensile forces, as they are placed in soil or rocks.

Canali S.r.l. produces foundation tie rods made from drawings with full or partial threads:

Production includes threaded rods:

  • entirely
  • only on one side
  • both sides

Foundation anchor bolts

The foundation anchor bolts are special steel plates provided with threaded rods, which are used with positioning templates. Their use is to anchor the prefabricated supporting structure to the reinforced concrete slabs.

To save time and reduce costs, industrialised construction systems make extensive use of anchor bolts.

Canali S.r.l. produces anchor bolts with threading and bending processing from drawings.


These are particular categories of screws that have no head and offer threading on both ends. This ensures the possibility of fixing without making holes.

Tightening of the screws is ensured by a slight deformation caused by the incomplete threads entering the mouth of the hole.

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