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Tie rods, anchor bolts, U-bolts and components from drawings: the solutions of Canali s.r.l. for the world of industry

Canali s.r.l. ensures excellent results thanks to the processing of the best alloys on the market. The company also guarantees maximum customisation of the products in the shortest possible production time.

The research and care of the finished product are ensured thanks to the company’s great experience: for over sixty years, quality and reliability have come first.


Canali s.r.l. offers maximum customisation and ensures excellent results thanks to the use of the best alloys on the market.

Tie rods

Tie rods are fundamental elements in the construction of any type of structure 


U-bolts are U-shaped elements used as anchors for pipes.

Components from drawings

From Canali s.r.l., it is possible to produce components from drawings according to customer specifications

Nuts and bolts

Canali s.r.l. fornisce anche particolari di bulloneria: dadi, rondelle, manicotti di congiunzione, viti a testa esagonale etc

Threaded rods

Production of threaded rods is done internally: from MA 3 to MA 100, including lengths of 1, 2 and 3 metres


Certified and controlled products for the highest quality

Canali s.r.l. provides, upon request, on the purchased product three types of certifications:

– CERTIFICATE 2.2 (chemical analysis of the material)
– CERTIFICATE 3.1 (chemical analysis of the material + tensile tests)

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