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Complete production process

Canali s.r.l. can count on a complete production process: from raw materials to storage – every type of processing is performed internally.

In particular, it is able to perform different types of rolling on average diameter:

  • MA metric rolling (coarse pitch)
  • MB metric rolling (fine pitch)
  • WHITWORTH rolling
  • GAS rolling
  • UNC rolling
  • TRAPEZOIDAL rolling

We also perform bending processing from drawings according to the customer’s request, to produce anchor bolts and U-bolts, and marking processing to label the product with the required resistance class.


The processing available at Canali s.r.l.


Rolling gives the surface finish and makes the thread more resistant.


Bending processing is carried out from drawings according to the customer's request.

Special processing

Special processing is carried out, including milling and marking, with the label of the resistance class

Possibility of threads and parts on request

For over forty years, Canali s.r.l. has been dealing with the production of threaded rods, sections, tie rods, anchor bolts, U-bolts, connecting sleeves and nuts.

Thanks to modern and innovative production plants, Canali s.r.l. is able to obtain productions that respond to the most sophisticated needs.

The company also carries out threads and parts on request and from drawings.

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