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Fields of application

We produce many types of threaded rods, even with special threads

The products made by Canali s.r.l. are used in various industrial sectors, testifying to the high-quality standards offered. From the infrastructure industry to the wind power industry, from the construction sector to that of furniture and furnishings: everyone has chosen the products of Canali s.r.l.

Building and construction

Many customers have been relying on Canali s.r.l. for years and operate in the construction and building industry.

In this sector, in particular, the products that are mostly used are foundation tie rods and anchor bolts, fasteners and U-bolts.

Production of furniture and furnishings

The furniture and furnishing manufacturing sector requires products that are more detailed and with increasingly tighter tolerances.

Canali s.r.l. is specialised in the supply of this type of product and has been chosen for years by the main furniture and furnishing manufacturers throughout Italy.

Aerospace, wind power and plant engineering

With the advancement of new technologies, especially in terms of environment and safety, there are many customers who request products that are from drawings and personalised, essential for the realisation of their finished product.

Canali s.r.l. offers its customers a complete support path: from the moment of the request for a quote to the application of the part created in the final project; the company thus guarantees quality and efficiency in all processing phases.


Canali s.r.l. has been supplying products for this sector for years, thanks to the EN 1090 Certification.

Our threaded rods and anchor bolts are used in the construction of bridges, motorways, viaducts, railway works.

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The processing available at Canali s.r.l.


Rolling gives the surface finish and makes the thread more resistant.


Bending processing is carried out from drawings according to the customer's request.

Special processing

Special processing is carried out, including milling and marking, with the label of the resistance class